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BASIC service: Order all the products you need directly from one source with industry-leading pricing, 
low minimums, and always guaranteed free shipping.  Choose your master list from our extensive catalog.

Key Features:
  • Low minimums starting at $25
  • No contracts, no annual minimums, and no delivery fees
  • Includes use of inventory/ordering platform

ELITE service: Available for properties that are looking for substantial guaranteed profit without the hassle of day to day inventory maintenance and re-ordering.  Please contact us to see if you qualify!

​Key Features:
  • No minimums and no ordering required
  • No annual minimums or delivery fees
  • Free expedited shipping
  • Discounts available on fixtures
  • Includes use of inventory control platform

Did you know? 

Just 'N' Case also constructs high quality fixtures for your Sundry Shop or Market. 
We can custom build to suit your needs or follow your brand standards.

                          Please visit for more details.

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We carry all top selling categories including travel toiletries, OTC medicines, candy, snacks, beverages, microwavable meals, and frozen foods.
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